Description of the breed

At the moment the Mini Chow-Chow (Baby Chow) breed is not recognized in the FCI system (RKF).

Mini Chow Chows are no different from regular Chow Chows. The only difference is the size and weight, which is almost half that of their standard ancestors. These funny dogs were obtained by breeding Chow-Chow and Spitz breeds.

Mini Chow Chows are not large, but quite strong dogs, weighing from 8 to no more than 17 kg., Height from 32 cm. Up to 38 cm.

All deviations from this description are considered undesirable for the Mini Chow breed.

Temperament: Moderately mobile. Self-confident dog with dignity.

Personality: Good-natured. The expressed character traits of Mini Chow-Chow are loyalty and devotion to one owner.

Head: Medium

The skull is wide, flat, with developed superciliary arches. the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is clear, but not abrupt. The muzzle is of medium length, broad from the base to the tip of the nose.

Eyes: Medium size, oval, dark in color. In cinnamon and blue dogs it is allowed to match the color of the eyes with the color.

Ears: Small, set wide apart.

Nose: medium size, black. The blue and cinnamon colors have a nose that matches the coat. In cream dogs, lightening of the nose is allowed.

Lips: Tight, black.

Tongue: purple blue. In blue, cinnamon and cream colors, the tongue and lips are always lighter, have light purple or lilac shades

Teeth: even, scissor bite.

NECK: Strong, slightly arched, gives the Mini Chow a proud look.

Body: The back is straight and strong. The loin is strong. The chest is deep and wide enough. Ribs well defined, but not barrel-shaped.

Tail: Set high on the back, covered with longer and thicker hair.

Forelegs: straight, bony, parallel. The shoulders are muscular and sloping. The pasterns are vertical, the fingers are tightly closed.

Hindquarters: Muscular, with minimal hock angulation. The length of the thigh and lower leg is approximately the same. Metatarsus is vertical. The limbs are parallel to each other. The set of paws is wide enough. Paws are round, toes are tightly closed.

Gait: temperamental, proud.

Wool: 2 types. Longhaired and shorthaired.

Long-haired type: The coat is thick, dense, straight, of pleasant texture.

The undercoat is dense and soft. Around the neck, on the back of the thighs and on the tail, the hair forms a thick fringe. The presence or absence of a mane is optional.

Short-haired type: The coat is shorter than that of long-haired dogs. the spine is also abundant, dense, straight. The guard hair is thick, plush, not dense. The undercoat is short, well developed.

Mini Chow Chow Color

Red and all shades of red from brick red to cream, as well as cinnamon, black, blue, (all shades of blue from dark blue to light blue are considered normal. All colors are lighter in color in the chest, tail, back of the thighs . and belly.

Mini-chow-chow puppies of red color in childhood have black masks on the muzzle, which turn red with age.

Not allowed: white spots, agouti, sable.

Any color not listed in the description is considered a deviation.

Not overgrown fontanelle. 

bite: overshot or overshot. Semi-erect ears.

Note: Male animals should have two normally developed testicles fully embedded in the scrotum.

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