History of the Mini Chow-Chow breed in Russia

Our first dogs were brought from China.

Let's omit all the difficulties and difficulties of registration, but my parents returned from China with a 5-month-old puppy-girl Mini Chow-Chow.

Small Chow Chows are very similar in appearance and character to standard Chow Chows, but are more outgoing and friendly. Little Chows are easy to train and enthusiastic about training. We are very glad that we were lucky to learn about the existence of this breed and that its wonderful representatives have appeared in our family.
P.S. The circle of our friends and admirers of this young breed is growing every day. We receive dozens of letters with questions and good wishes, and all these circumstances prompted us to create a website about this wonderful breed with our pets Mini Chow-Chow (Baby Chow).

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