Care Mini Chow-Chow

It is impossible not to fall in love with a mini-chow-chow dog. This cute teddy bear will win any heart, even a puppy, he does not frolic, but proudly sits and watches others, studying the behavior of household members, taking the most serious look. An adult mini-chow-chow, first of all, looks like a teddy bear or lion cub, and only then like a dog. He has a very thick and fluffy coat that attracts attention. The character is calm and friendly. These dogs do not quit playing because of their love for communication with people.

Dogs of this breed can be attributed to the most ancient. Chow Chow and Mini Chow are originally from China. Standard Chow Chow houses were used for hunting and guarding. Mini Chow is a companion dog. There are many colors: white, cream, red, black, blue, cinnamon and each of them has its own shades. The most appreciated red color is Mini Chow-Chow. In China, this color is considered a symbol of happiness and wealth. No wonder this dog entered the top five most expensive breeds in the world. The cost of high-bred puppies starts at $ 3000 and does not stop at $ 9000, individual copies are even more expensive.

The Mini Chow Chow breed assumes the maintenance of the house, as it is a decorative dog. These pets are ideal for the townspeople. There are no difficulties with keeping this breed either in a city apartment or in a private house. Mini Chow Chow is a balanced, calm dog - she has a strong psyche and, if you are at work, will calmly endure temporary loneliness and will not destroy the apartment. And what is especially nice, the Mini Chows are very clean.

The moulting season for the mini-chow, like any dog, is spring and autumn. Even during the moulting period, the dead undercoat remains on the dog and is removed by brushing. It may seem that shaggy dogs like the Mini Chow need constant brushing, but this is not the case, it is enough to comb this dog no more than once every 10-12 days with a rare comb (during molting, comb it 2-3 times in Week).

At about four months, the puppy will begin its first puppy molt, and soon the child will dress in a real adult, thick and beautiful coat, changing the color to a brighter one. During this period, the Mini Chow chow may turn into an “ugly duckling”, but this is a temporary phenomenon.

Like any other breed of dog, Mini Chow Chow needs hygienic procedures - wipe eyes, clean ears, cut nails.

Mini Chow Chows are very fond of walking in the fresh air. For an adult dog, the number of walks can be reduced to 2 per day. The puppy should run and play independently, but during the period of skeletal development and formation of joints, strong physical activity should not be given. To walk, you must have a tape measure and a collar: narrow cloth or round leather. Wide collars can tangle the hair on the neck.

Particular attention should be paid to nutrition, since not only the pet's mood depends on it, but its well-being and health. Of course, the food you choose should be of high quality, but it would be more correct to use the food recommended by the breeder. It is not forbidden to occasionally treat your pet to a treat in the form of a slice of apple, banana or other fruit, depending on the dog's preferences. It is strictly forbidden to pamper your pet with bones.

Overfeeding of the dog should not be allowed, as obesity leads to metabolic disorders, which threatens with illness.

You can train Mini Chow from early childhood. Literally from 2 months, the puppy can be taught the basic commands: "sit down", "lie down", "put on", "give a paw". Many have noticed that Mini Chows have a kind, cute look and, at the same time, have a lot of independence, curiosity and a desire to practice. Mini Chow Chows love to be the center of attention

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