Good news:  On sale kids Mini Chow-Chow!

Вас приветствует питомник "Бэйби Чау"!

Differences between Mini Chow and Spitz:

Sometimes size matters:

In the photo there are two adult dogs. On the left is a standard Chow Chow, on the right is a Mini Chow

Dear friends!  

We want to warn you and protect you from illegal actions of unknown breeders! Beware of Counterfeits and Fraudsters!  In Russia, Mini Chow-Chow is only with us, our kennel carefully monitors the geography of cities and countries in which there are dogs of our favorite breed.  We communicate with each new owner of Mini Chow! As evidenced by the documents SCOR / IKU, puppies are always microchipped, vaccinated! So far, in Russia, not one female has been sold for breeding to strangers. There cannot be any puppies on the side. We are talking about puppies born from MINI CHOW parents! Our puppies have excellent bones, plump tummies and gorgeous coat, they are bred according to all the rules of genetics and are a miniature copy of the Chow-Chow!  You can familiarize yourself with the breed on our website in the section "About Mini Chow-Chow".

You can contact us by phone:
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+ 7-977-604-00-05 (Viber)

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