Puppy purchase rules

Mini chow puppies:

- registration of a litter for 45 days

- deworming is carried out according to age.

- further vaccination and revaccination by age.

- puppies have the skills of cleanliness, are accustomed to disposable absorbent diapers, are brought up.

- advice on care and education from the breeder

Assistance in delivery to other cities and countries is possible (the buyer pays separately). Several delivery options are possible (railway, air, auto), the method and cost of delivery are negotiated individually.



A big request to be responsible for the acquisition of a living being and correctly assess your desires and capabilities. Respect the work of the breeder and treat the living creature with care.

The first condition for transferring a puppy to a new home is your conscious and informed decision to take a dog into your family as a full member of the family. We strongly recommend drawing a parallel between acquiring a puppy and having a small child in your home!

Think about what motivated your desire to have a four-legged friend?

Do you have the time, resources and funds to make your dream come true? Do your family members share your desire to learn with your four-legged friend?

If so, feel free to make a decision. Your life will be brighter with the arrival of a puppy. You will get a wonderful friend who has practically no bad mood, and dog's devotion and sincerity will help you overcome difficult life situations and fill your life with positive.

Your children will become more attentive, tolerant and kinder.

As a breeder, I really want for my pets a happy life in a loving family. And first of all I am looking for people who need a dog as a companion and friend.

Puppies in the kennel are always vaccinated against infectious diseases and only leave the house completely healthy.

A puppy is considered reserved if a deposit of 50% of the cost is paid for it. The booking period is set by mutual agreement of the parties. The buyer should be aware that the collateral is, in fact, an agreement of intent. If this agreement is violated through the fault of the buyer, that is, the buyer for some reason refuses the puppy, the deposit will NOT be returned. The deposit remains with the breeder as compensation for the missed opportunity to sell this puppy.

If the buyer has circumstances that do not allow picking up the puppy within the agreed timeframe, he must inform the breeder in advance and agree with him on all possible changes, as well as discuss the cost of unscheduled maintenance.

If, after the agreed period, the buyer does not come for the puppy, then the breeder has the right to consider this puppy deprived of the deposit.

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